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Fractional Marketing Overview

You might be wondering what a Fractional Marketing Director is? And, do you need one? Fractional Marketing Directors have upper level experience in a wide range of marketing disciplines and are usually available part time (or fractionally). That allows a small business to hire a marketing director with the experience and skills they need to grow for much less than hiring a full time employee.

If you’re the owner, you have plenty of things to work on in your business. Marketing efforts should be constant and consistent to drive sales. I work with small businesses that need marketing leadership and want to achieve results. Marketing goals can vary between clients, but ultimately the sales chart needs to head north.

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Digital Marketing

Learn how we leverage digital marketing for clients. There are endless approaches you can take. We'll guide your digital marketing along the path to success!

Social Media

Is there anything hotter than social media right now for most brands to create awareness, build business and at a relative bargain cost for the investment?


Find out how we help on-line stores build business. E-commerce, when done well, can add sales to a traditional store in a time when adding employees isn't an option.

Website Development

While we typically don't build websites for clients, we can help you plan out a winning website strategy. With years of website development behind us, we're the right choice!


Deciding where to put your advertising dollars to get the best return is no easy task. That's where we come in. We'll help you find efficient ways to advertise and get the most out of your advertising budget!

Graphic Design

Design is at the core of nearly everything we do from social media posts and brochures, to banners and business cards. We set the style and consistently use it to serve your brand consistently to the public!


You're unbelievable at building products! You may not have time to really focus on marketing. We can become your marketing team. With experience helping small manufacturers build their business, we are a great choice to help you grow!


Retail stores are one of the more fun environments we thrive in. We can help you with graphic design, print collateral, local advertising, store signage and promotions as well as promotional products and most other printed items.

Small Business

Small business owners are among our favorite people to work with. Their spirit and dedication to what they love is inspiring! When a new business evolves into a thriving small business, marketing is one area that is often pushed aside. We can help you with a marketing program that keeps your business in growth mode!


Contractors are a special group to us. My father was a carpenter. We grew up with a deep appreciation for all of the trades. You work hard everyday! We can help you get the most from your marketing dollar without having to discount your services or coupon your way to new customers.

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Our Team

A team of one with amazing support from other marketing professionals
Chad Wissmar

Chad Wissmar

Fractional Marketing Director - CMO

With over 20 years of experience in marketing and advertising, Chad has the experience and creativity to help you build your brand, increase traffic and sell more!

Print Vs. Digital

As the digital world dominates marketing, we find that many small businesses struggle to understand it, and therefore struggle to apply digital marketing principals to their business. We can help you understand how social media or search engine marketing can help you grow your business.

Even in this digital age, there are still opportunities to use print advertising successfully in your marketing plan. Printed brochures, direct mail and sell sheets are still used consistently and are affordable! We can design and print your projects!

Digital Marketing

Do you rely mostly on digital marketing? Most businesses today are heavy on digital!


Print is still important to balance out your marketing plan!

Typical CMO Plan Mix For Small Business

There is no “one size fits all” marketing plan. Everything we do is custom tailored to each business to help them get the most out of their marketing and advertising budget. We use experience and creativity to build marketing plans that work. Small business does not have excess money to waste in ineffective marketing programs and we know it!

That being said, there are some trends we see in small business marketing.

Where Our Small Business Clients Generally Spend Their Marketing Dollars

Social Media 0
Printed Items 0
Printed Ads 0
Other 0

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