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Social media is the hot new area of marketing that has changed advertising in so many ways. At a time when the world went digital, social media benefited the most, by far. When Covid hit, suddenly everyone had a lot more idle time. Many more peolpe turned to social media for news, entertainment and keeping up with friends and family they couldn’t see.

We leverage social media for clients to bring awareness about their company, their products and almost more importantly, what they believe. Social media is a fantastic way for business to connect with clients in a very personal way. You have the opportunity to show the world what you care about, beyond work, as well as the products and services you represent. It is a very powerful platform, if you utilize it.

Often there are two basic approaches that small businesses take toward social media. They post when they can and mostly in an opportunistic way. No strategy behind it. They’re at an event, or something happens that they want to tell the world about, and they post it. We call it opportunistic posting. That’s fine to do, but we find it far less effective than a social media campaign that is planned in advance. Planning usually takes the form of a social media calendar showing when the posts will be live, platforms they’ll be posted on, and the content to use. This takes time and effort, but we’ve seen great results from the approach.

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Social Media Plans

We provide social media services for companies in select industries.

SM1Social Media Starter

This level is perfect for small businesses that are getting into social media initially, or are ramping up from the occasional post approach. For budgetary reasons, we recommend you choose a few platforms to post to. Many small business customers are currently using Facebook, Instagram, Google Business and LinkedIn to promote their companies. It’s a solid mix and has proven to be a good set to post on.

Posting 3-4 times per week with planned posts is perfect, and spread them out to about every other day. You can always add in an opportunistic post at an event, or with a customer. Tag people when you can. Engage as much as you have time for. Always answer messages & questions from customers. That’s a good place to start. If you need help with managing social media, please reach out to us! We’ll be happy to help!

Social Media Starter Keys

  1. Schedule your posts ahead
  2. Post 3-4 times per week
  3. Choose 3-4 platforms
  4. Answer every message

SM2Social Media - Preferred

Once an owner realizes the power of social media for their business, they are all in. Not only can you post great content about your business, but you can also advertise on the platforms. There are many strategies you can take. Facebook allows geographic targeting, which is perfect for small retail stores or companies that only service a set area. Recent privacy laws have hindered some of our ability to use demographic info. for targeting, but it still works very well for most clients.

When you’re ready to up your social game, you’ll post more, engage more, interact more and well, just do more of everything. Content is still most important! If you can’t keep the quality up on your content, you shouldn’t post, just to post. Keep the info. useful or interesting to your followers!

More, More - Social

  1. Post more often
  2. Engage more
  3. Keep your content fresh
  4. Maintain quality content
  5. Don’t post for the sake of it

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