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Forming a Website Strategy

You might say we evolved with the web as it grew from the early 2000’s until now. Back then we were building websites and providing SEO to clients in a variety of industries. Fast forward to today. We will still build a website when we know everything is lined up to succeed. More often we set strategy, plan website builds and market them after they’re built. That’s where we are the best fit.

We often work in WordPress, which is a blog software turned massive CMS platform. A big portion of websites on-line use WordPress to power their site. It’s a robust CMS with a lot of plug-ins that add a lot of functionality. WordPress can be used to built just about any type of website.

E-commerce sites are a specialty of ours. We’ve been building and marketing them for over a decade. Before you start your e-commerce program, or rebuild an existing one, you’ll want to talk to us. We understand the connections between your existing business, customer service, on-line sales, SEO, shipping methods and nearly everything else that goes into a successful e-commerce program!

Website Development & Digital Marketing

There are a lot of steps you can take to build a website that works for you!

W1Website Project Planning

If you’re ready to build a website for your organization, it’s important to thoroughly plan out everything you need in a new website. Before you ask to meet with a website development company, plan first! If you don’t, you run the risk of not getting the website functionality that you need. Don’t sabotage your project before it even gets started!

Make a site map with the pages you want. Make notes on each page about functionality. Do you need a web form or special add-ons like a calendar or CRM integration? Do you want a CMS (Content Management System)?

E-commerce sites require even more detail. We can give you guidelines on how to plan for an e-commerce website as well.

Website Planning

  1. Make a detailed sitemap
  2. Add page function notes
  3. Add questions you want to ask
  4. Add goals for the new site
  5. Is this phase 1, 2, 3 of the build?

W2HTML or CMS - (WordPress)

Most websites built today use a CMS ,or content management system. However, small websites with a few pages are usually better if they are built without one. They’re less expensive to build and work well for a small website presence.

WordPress is the leading CMS platform on-line today. It is an amazing open source platform that allows the flexibility to build nearly any type of website. While it began as a blog software many years ago, and still is a blog, it is now the software of choice for many types of websites.

WordPress can also be used with plugins like WooCommerce for an e-commerce site. Most e-commerce sites will never outgrow the Woo platform. Woo is also well supported with add-ons to extend out specific functions you may want in an e-commerce site.

HTML or CMS Based Website?

  1. HTML for smaller sites
  2. CMS based sites are the norm
  3. WordPress is top CMS
  4. Thousands of plugins available for WP
  5. Plan out your CMS based site with detail
Please contact us to set up a free meeting about your site


E-commerce website present even more challenges. Detailed planning are imperative with these types of sites. There are so many unique situations and problems that can arise if you and your website team are not ready for them. Be detailed in your plan. Map out how each unique product is sold. For example: A t-shirt may come in different colors and sizes. You’ll need to make sure the website can handle those conditions. That’s a basic example and most e-commerce platforms do, but there are other more complex problems with other products.

There are so much information to gather in your plan. You’ll want to define how many products you will have. What kinds of products are they? How will you ship? How will you market the site? Do you need to offer a way to sign-up for your newsletter? Will you offer a chat function on the site? How will your in-store sales software work with the new site? What about inventory management between your on-line store and storefront?

There are hundreds of other details to think about! We can help you define your e-commerce project!

E-Commerce Considerations

  1. Detailed site plan
  2. Sales process
  3. Customer service
  4. Accounting
  5. Inventory management
  6. Shipping methods

D1Digital Marketing

We tend to be website-centric. All marketing content and information should be found in your website. It should serve as the hub for generating much of your other content for social media posts and even printed brochures. Content is king on-line for SEO. You should start with it on your website.

It’s never too early to plan your digital marketing strategy for a new website build. How will you promote it? How will you transition between the old site and new site without losing all of your traffic?

We have years of experience promoting websites through SEO/SEM, email marketing, content generation, PPC, display ads, link building and social media. There is no one size fits all plan. We custom build digital plans for each website.

Digital Marketing Services

  1. Digital Strategy
  2. Content
  3. Social Media
  4. SEO
  5. SEM
  6. Email Marketing

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