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Design Is What We Do

Graphic design is an integral piece of what we do. Much of the marketing operations that we perform are visually based.  Business cards, brochures and sell sheets are the obvious place that design shows up. On the digital side, websites require design, social posts include images or video and on-line ads should be designed with your brand in mind. Design is used everywhere.

This is true of most clients. We balance creative design with design consistency for each company we work for. Design consistency aids branding efforts in a big way. Using your company logo within the same guidelines in marketing assures people recognize your company quickly regardless if it’s a website, billboard, magazine print ad or digital ad! Using a set color palette in visual design unifies design and aids brand awareness. However, we don’t typically want things to get stale over time. That’s where creativity comes in. We develop new campaigns that still maintain the brand value, but keep things fresh.

Graphic Design Projects

We provide graphic design services for nearly every type of project you may have!

GD1Corporate Identity & Brands

Your brand is the heart of your organization. Developing an amazing logo that describes your company, product or non-profit accurately should be a top priority. Since you’ll be presenting that logo on nearly every marketing piece you have, you can see how important it is.

We like to use a process to develop a new logo. This process works for nearly any logo, but let’s say you want a new company logo. We start with brainstorming words and phrases that describe the company. It could be a phrase describing company culture, order accuracy or how fast you deliver your product. If speed were important, you may add: Rapid, fast, zoom and rocket to your list. Then take that list of words and phrases and group the synonyms on one line each. All of the “speed words” would be on one line. Accuracy words on another line. Next, take the list and put it in order by priority. Is speed more important to your customers than, accuracy, or the other words you added? We’ll use these words as visual cues to build logo ideas. Zoom may visually be italic type or a swoosh shaped arrow. Accuracy may be shown as a precise geometric design.

We believe in the process and we can help you design your next logo.

Logo Design Process

  1. Make a list of descriptive words
  2. Organize the list by synonyms
  3. Prioritize the list
  4. Use list for design cues
  5. Design initial ideas based on #4
  6. Present best ideas
  7. Revise chosen idea
  8. Select color palette
  9. Finish logo

GD2Print Collateral Design

It’s safe to say that we’ve designed for just about every type of marketing you will need. From digital ads to huge printed billboards, we’ve done it all. But, being able to do something is only half of the battle. Presenting the right creative marketing ideas is key to connecting with your customer. Ads that are memorable because of the design concept are far more important than simply having the ability to build an ad.

Developing design concepts take time and research. Knowing your customer is critical to connecting with them in meaningful ways. We need to understand who they are, where they live or work, and what they expect of the companies that they buy from to make a meaningful connection. If you make that connection in your advertising, you will earn customers.

Know Your Customer!

  1. Know your customer demographics
  2. How do your products/services fit them?
  3. What do they care about?
  4. Why should they buy from you?
  5. Are you specifically advertising to them?
  6. What is your marketing message?
  7. Be consistent with design & messaging
  8. Maintain the right to sell to customers
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GD3Digital Advertising Design

Designing for digital platforms is really no different than print in many ways. We still use the same methods of developing ad concepts. All of the principles translate between print design and digital. Know your customer and connect with them through creative concepts.

We can help you with social media display ads, Facebook & LinkedIn header designs and nearly anything else you need for digital marketing. And, it’s important to note. If some of the concepts will also be printed, we can help you with consistent designs that you can use in both print and digital media.

Digital Design

  1. Display ads
  2. Social post images
  3. Facebook/LinkedIn headers
  4. Website images
  5. E-mail marketing images
  6. Many others

Digital Marketing

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Social Media

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Website Development

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Graphic Design

Design is at the core of nearly everything we do from social media posts and brochures, to banners and business cards. We set the style and consistently use it to serve your brand consistently to the public!

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